Solo Acting: solo theater artists resources, one man show how to for actors Acting Solo: solo theater artists resources, one man show how to for actors
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"I highly recommend Acting Solo by Jordan R. Young. I personally found this book to be
an excellent source for the research I did on this subject."

~ Glenn Alterman, Creating Your Own Monologue
"Acting Solo is one of my favorite books! I think it's by far the best book on the topic.
I spent about six years  doing a one-woman piece about Agnes de Mille...
Whenever I lost my way, I would go back to your book and read about
other people's experiences and it helped me so much...
It was a real blessing to have your book as a reference and for support."
~ Carole Schweid, Agnes de Mille
"How come nobody before you ever thought of writing with such authority
about the singular place the one-man/woman show holds in the world of theatre?
Hearty congratulations on your splendid book. But a guru leaves himself
open to supplicants..."
~ Aaron Goldman, Ben Franklin, Our Man in London


Photo courtesy of Joseph Abeles: Jack MacGowran in the Works of Samuel Beckett, New York Shakespeare Festival, 1970.
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