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Acting Solo a book by Jordan Young

One Man Show Books to Help and Inspire Solo Theater Performers

ACTING SOLO - The Art of One-Man Shows

The first book on one-person shows, a fascinating study of solo performance from the traditional to the avant garde.

"The book is first class. Its attributes are excellent... it will be very useful to writers and performers." ~ William Luce, author, The Belle of Amherst

"Young investigates one-person shows not as an academic scholar but as an investigative reporter. The strength of the book lies in its presentation of numerous viewpoints... its skillfully woven threads of anecdotes, quotations and descriptions, its fast-moving prose, and its actor-centered perspective... Young's book will be a welcome supplementary text for performance courses."
~ Linda M. Park-Fuller, Text and Performance Quarterly

Hardcover, out-of-print, signed by the author

$34.95 (plus $5 s&h)

Revised edition in progress. Email us to stay informed. 

THE BECKETT ACTOR: Jack MacGowran, Beginning to End

The authorized biography of Beckett's foremost interpreter, whose one-man anthology of the playwright's work still ranks among the most highly acclaimed solo shows in theatre history.

"Jordan Young's book, meticulously researched, not only preserves a great, unique actor's and artist's life and work for posterity; Jack MacGowran's individual quality and life story also are an essential ingredient in our understanding of the life and work of one of the outstanding creative minds of our time: Samuel Beckett."                                                                     
~ Martin Esslin, author, The Theatre of the Absurd

 "Young has interviewed seemingly everyone who knew MacGowran, and the result is a sparkling biography of a haunting and haunted man." ~ Publishers Weekly

Hardcover, limited edition

$24.95 (plus $5 s&h)


The Beckett Actor

Ray Stricklyn: Confession of a Solo Actor

RAY STRICKLYN: Confessions of a Solo Actor

Unedited transcript of Jordan Young's lengthy 1988 interview with the star of Confessions of a Nightingale, in which he memorably portrayed Tennessee Williams “letting it all hang out.” Stricklyn was equally candid about his own up-and-down life.

eBook, $4.95


MARCEL MARCEAU: The Language of Silence

Unedited transcript of Young's 1975 interview with the celebrated mime. Marceau talked about his role as “a silent witness of my time,” explained how his work matured over the years, and discussed the supernatural element of his art.

eBook, $4.95

Photo courtesy of Joseph Abeles: Jack MacGowran in the Works of Samuel Beckett, New York Shakespeare Festival, 1970.
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